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  • Scalac


    Scalac is a web & software development company with 122 people including Backend, Frontend, DevOps, Machine Learning, Data Engineers, QA’s and UX/UI designers

  • Manning Publications

    Manning Publications

    Follow Manning Publications on Medium for free content and exclusive discounts.

  • Dean Wampler

    Dean Wampler

    The person who’s wrong on the Internet. ML/AI and functional programming enthusiast at Domino Data Lab. Speaker, author, aspiring photographer.

  • Rachel Thomas

    Rachel Thomas

    fast.ai co-founder & professor USF Data Institute | twitter: @math_rachel

  • Jakub Majak

    Jakub Majak

  • Pinterest Engineering

    Pinterest Engineering

    https://medium.com/pinterest-engineering | Inventive engineers building the first visual discovery engine https://careers.pinterest.com/

  • Adam Warski

    Adam Warski

    Scala software engineer, Functional Programming enthusiast, SoftwareMill co-founder

  • Juraj Burian

    Juraj Burian

    Scala developer

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